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Ruler with a stretched thread, BrowXenna®

Ruler with a stretched thread, BrowXenna®

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Ruler with a stretched thread, BrowXenna®

Ruler with a stretched thread is an ideal tool for creating eyebrow’s shape sketches. It helps to mark control points of the future eyebrow’s form and check the symmetry.

The BrowXenna® ruler is designed specially to fit the clients face, so it does not cause discomfort. The measurement scale helps the master to make a symmetrical sketch of the eyebrows, and the colored thread stretched on the base of the instrument — to create clear and even lines.

The ruler is made of durable material and does not deform when the thread is stretched.

Instructions for use:

Disinfect a thread before the procedure or use a special thread for eyebrow threading. Fix one end of the thread into the slot of the ruler. Stretch the thread and fix it in the second slot. Check that the thread does not sag.

Color the thread using a pencil for eyebrows Lena Levi or Contour white paste for eyebrows BrowXenna®. Mark the control points of the future shape of the eyebrows and connect them. Control points are marked in accordance with the formula which the master has chosen. To make the line even, put the ruler perpendicular to the face — so that the thread touches the area between the two control points. Gently press on the thread and draw a line.

After the markup is complete, remove the thread from the ruler. A new thread should be used for each customer.

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