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Eyebrow styling is one of the newest and current trends in the beauty industry. Clients now have a wide selection of procedures that help increase eyebrows’ volume, fill in missing hair gaps, and improve their natural color. One of the most popular procedures is tinting with henna.


The market leader for durable henna products is the brand  BrowXenna®. The brand was launched in 2013 by birth sisters Irina Levchuk and Natalia Krasnoperova, the famous brow artists and founders of the international Lash&Brow Design Academy, which focuses on eyebrow, microblading, and eyelash extension design education. Each day when working with clients and students, they voice their concerns regarding the significant drawbacks of coloring eyebrows with dye. Using dye cannot achieve an ideal form for eyebrows, especially for thin,damaged, or uneven eyebrows. Irina and Natalia created a unique product that provides aneyebrow tattoo effect that lasts for 6 weeks.


The secret of henna’s durability has to do with its distinct formula created with naturalcomponents that allow it to be applied on hairs and skin. Developed specifically for eyebrows,BrowXenna® is available in 12 shades, from a deep grey-brown to a pearly taupe blond. The shades provide an ideal combination for any skin type or hair color. Because henna has won the hearts of make-up and brow artists and customers, it’s gained bestseller status as an eyebrow coloring product.

Henna’s natural components delicately penetrate the upper levels of the skin, filling it with color.

The dye originates from the Lawsonia plant, which is commonly found in the topical areas of India and Africa. The pigment is very suitable for organic tinting, and essential oils enhance its durability. If traditional dyes have a creamy consistency, in comparison, henna’s is more similar to soy sauce, which helps it better penetrate the epidermis. When the henna layer dries, the water evaporates, and the color remains firmly fixated in the skin. The eyebrows look natural and congruent and do not require daily recoloring. With henna, a master can achieve the effect of an elegant, light veil or the ombre effect. The clear, expressive contour used by Kim Kardashian can also be attained.

Henna tinting duration depends on several factors. First, the amount of oil on a client’s skin. The more oil, the shorter the color will last. For a normal skin type, henna will last up to 14 days. On hair, it will last up to 6 weeks. 

Second, eyebrow care is important before and after the procedure. For the longest lasting eyebrows, these rules should be followed:

Before the procedure, the eyebrow area should be thoroughly cleaned and exfoliated.

Several weeks before coloring, a client should avoid using chemical peels, because they speed up skin regeneration and, accordingly, reduce color duration on the skin.

For the first 2 days after coloring, it’s recommended not to sit in a steam room or swim in a pool.

In the following days after the procedure, do not uses scrubs in the eyebrow area. Doing so will initiate upper skin layer regeneration.

It’s been proven that BrowXenna® also nourishes damaged and weakened hairs and encourages eyebrow growth by 60%. All natural components found in BrowXenna® helps hairs shine, carotene restores hair structure and reinvigorates hair growth, and betaine moisturizes skin and hair follicles, which helps eyebrows become strong and healthy.


BrowXenna® is an effective method for creating perfectly formed eyebrows for a long duration. A rich variety of shades, natural components, beneficial features and its durability make BrowXenna® a bestseller in eyebrow coloring products and the most popular beauty product of brow stylists and brow bars.