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Contour white paste for eyebrows, BrowXenna®

Contour white paste for eyebrows, BrowXenna®

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Contour white paste for eyebrows, BrowXenna is an indispensable tool when drawing a sketch of eyebrows shape before coloring. It allows to build a perfect symmetry of the eyebrows. Prevents from spreading of the coloring composition during the coloring procedure, thus protecting the skin that should not be colored. White paste has a thick, non-greasy cream consistency. Easily applied on the skin without burdening or tightening it, suitable for all skin types.

Instructions for use:

There are two ways to work with Contour white paste for eyebrows, BrowXenna.

  • Using beveled brush apply the paste directly to the skin, use it to mark the future shape.
  • Firstly, create a sketch with a pencil, and on top of the pencil lines apply white paste. To make the sketch smooth and clear, place the brush with the paste on the pencil line, and stretch the paste down or up from the line. Do not pull the brush along the pencil sketch — the paste will not lie tight enough.
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