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Ultimate “Step-by-step henna coloring guide” BrowXenna

Ultimate “Step-by-step henna coloring guide” BrowXenna

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Ultimate Step-by-Step Brow Henna Coloring Guide:


Enhance your brow styling expertise with our Ultimate Step-by-Step Brow Henna Coloring Guide. This comprehensive video is meticulously designed to cover every aspect of the brow henna process ensuring flawless results that last. Ideal for both beauty professionals and enthusiasts eager to refine their skills.

For beginners and advanced artists.

What you’ll learn:

  •    Detailed overview of the henna products and tools required for the application.
  •    How henna exactly works on brows
  •    How to prepare the brows and skin for henna application, ensuring a clean surface.
  •    Mixing henna with activation solutions to achieve the perfect paste consistency.
  •    Technique for outlining the desired brow shape tailored to individual facial features.
  •    Using white paste or marking tools to define the area, ensuring precise lines 
  •    Step-by-step instructions on how to apply the henna mixture for even coverage.
  •    Strategies for layering henna to enhance color depth and achieve a natural gradient.
  •    Recommended setting time
  •    Adjustments and touch-up tips during the development phase to perfect the color saturation.
  •   Master tricks and tips
  •   And more 

Brand Trainer: Karolina Finkowska-Krzak 

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