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Brow Henna UK

BX BrowXenna® Brow Henna 10g

BX BrowXenna® Brow Henna 10g

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Eyebrow tattoo effect!

BrowXenna® eyebrow henna is an innovative colouring product based on ground henna leaves, a mixture of herbs and organic compounds for lasting brow colouring with the effect of tattooing. A rich palette of natural shades can be used individually or combined with each other. Natural ingredients of brow henna BrowXenna® take care of damaged and weak hairs, strengthening them more and more with each procedure and restoring the natural shape of the eyebrows. The look becomes more expressive and attractive.

BrowXenna® eyebrow henna is…

  • the first brand on the market created specially for eyebrows on the basis of henna;
  • the product for eyebrows, which colours not only the hairs but also the skin;
  • colouring product for eyebrows, which is available in 12 shades;
  • the product, which is chosen by over 20,000 customers in 43 countries;

Instructions for use BrowXenna®

Before colouring

  • Remove make up carefully, using micellar water. Do not use oil-based means.
  • Prepare eyebrows for colouring. Use BrowXenna® The shampoo-foam for deep cleansing of eyebrows. Shampoo gently and deeply cleanses the hairs of the eyebrows and the skin surface, has the effect of light peeling, gently removes dead skin particles, contributing to better fixation of the colour.
  • Rinse the shampoo Two-phase fixing tonic, BrowXenna®.

Mixture preparation

  • In a non-metallic container, mix the colouring composition (the amount of colouring composition is equivalent to 2 rice grains) with 4-8 drops of Mineral solution, BrowXenna®. The mineral solution does not contain impurities, additives or metals. It guarantees that the desired hue will be achieved and extends colouring.
  • Mix the resulting composition thoroughly. If necessary, add solution or colouring composition to the mixture to obtain the desired consistency of soy sauce.
  • Do not mix henna powder with tint activator (hydrogen peroxide) 

Eyebrow tinting

  • Using a brush, apply a thin layer of the mixture (try to avoid making spots or gaps) on the skin and hairs, to create an ombre effect. Pay special attention to the symmetry and definition of the lines.
  • For a well-defined and even result, apply colouring composition BrowXenna® in several layers.
  • Wait till the layer dries before applying the next layer.
  • Carefully apply the colouring composition, lifting the hairs of thick eyebrows with a brush. Spread the colour evenly.
  • After complete drying of the last layer moisten the composition and remove from the eyebrows with a cotton pad moistened with a Two-phase fixing tonic, BrowXenna®. To obtain a more intense result of colouring, the time of application of the composition on the eyebrows can reach 25 minutes from the moment of application of the first layer.
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